Golden Piano Melodies

Also available as part of the 4 CD box Golden Instrumentals.

  1. Memory ♫
  2. People ♫
  3. Ballade Pour Adeline ♫
  4. All At Once ♫
  5. Bilitis ♫
  6. Old and Wise ♫
  7. She’s Leaving Home ♫
  8. St. Elmo’s Fire (Love Theme) ♫
  9. Sleepy Shores ♫
  10. Send in the Clowns ♫
  11. Chariots of Fire ♫
  12. Maria ♫
  13. Only Love ♫
  14. Who Can I Turn To ♫
  15. Carson’s Law ♫
  16. Don’t Cry for Me Argentina ♫
  17. We Have All the Time in the World ♫
  18. I Know Him So Well ♫

Lines Notes

(Thanks to Andreas Heinz)

So many words have been written about the talented Philippe L’Auran that to repeat them all would be redundant. On this record Philippe L’Auran plays 18 Golden Piano Melodies. Many are well known favorites, like “People” (from the musical “Funny Girl”), “Send in the Clowns” (from the musical “A Little Night Music”), “Maria” (from the musical “West Side Story”), and “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” (from the musical “Evita”). Others are winning new melodies, like “Ballade Pour Adeline”, “Sleepy Shores”, and “Only Love”. Each tune enjoys the benediction of a colorful arrangement interpreted by Philippe L’Auran and the incomparable London Starlight Orchestra.

L’Auran is a pianist of exquisite taste and tender moods. His instrumental technique is brilliant, his style intimate and his understanding interpretations make listening a new and colorful experience. In this program Philippe L’Auran is at his sophisticated best in sparkling keyboard interpretations of romantic favorites and melodies from musicals.

If a musical can be said to have a purpose, then it is simply to entertain – with fantasy and romance as its natural directions. Whatever the type of musical, entertainment will always be more important than any possible message. There is a certain magic about the musical – a certain thrill and excitement that conjures up the memorable evergreen songs, the stars, the spectacular production. That magic is now recreated in a great number of Golden Piano Melodies, played on this selection. Not only in the melodies from musicals, but also in the remaining part of the repertory L’Auran exposes his feeling for melody, together with his smoothness of style. Take for instance “She’s Leaving Home”, one of the highlights from the Beatles’ Songbook. Take the wonderful Johnny Pearson compositions “Sleepy Shores” and “Theme from ‘The Carsons’”. or listen to “Bilitis”, a masterpiece of one of the greatest film composers ever, Francis Lai.

Having the London Starlight Orchestra behind him, Philippe L’Auran is free to concentrate on creating a polished and expressive solo line. the result is piano music shorn of frills or any striving for effect, music that is the best possible definition of ‘tasty’. All in all, Philippe L’Auran produces some of the freshest, fleetest keyboard music on this selection. It’s a delightful experience and one to repeat often – listening to his interpretations of 18 Golden Piano Melodies.

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