I Will Always Love You

  1. She’s Like the Wind
  2. Some People
  3. Lara’s Theme
  4. Once Upon a Long Ago
  5. It’s Hard To Be Tender
  6. Emmanuelle I
  7. We Don’t Talk Anymore
  8. Bright Eyes
  9. Yesterday When I Was Young
  10. One Of Us
  11. Strangers in the Night
  12. Nothing Has Been Proved
  13. What Now My Love
  14. Summernight City
  15. I Can Dream About You
  16. I Will Always Love You

One thought on “I Will Always Love You

  1. The one and only place where we could find info on this release was our own wiki! And we got it form the Star Inc. catalogue. No further info available, so we unlinked all the track pages for now.

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