Deleted hundreds of Track Pages from the database…

When cleaning out the Wiki, we ended up in some sort of chain reaction when deleting track pages! For example, when we found that “20 Melodies De France” was not produced by Ed Starink, we removed all the tracks from the wiki that only appeared on this particular album. But by doing so, many of the remaining tracks happened to only appear on just one other album, which then turned out to have no Ed Starink work also. When deleting all tracks from that album we went in a loop of yet another series of pages only appearing on one album.

In the end, many Star Inc. albums appeared to have no Ed Starink performances at all, even though the album was released by Star Inc. Music.

It is our ASSUMPTION (and only that), that Ed might have released other albums (not his own) as well. Since he already had the studio, the label and the knowledge to release albums, he could use this to release work of other unknown artists, probably picking up a little buck on the way -and- making his label better known because it held more albums than just the few he produced himself.

Halfway our track-deletion rampage we came across some titles that were actually absolutely sure produced by Ed Starink, so we got a little worried. But the worries disappeared when we realized that all the album-track links in our wiki are purely title-based, many times without any actual audio present. So yes, titles like “Cavatina” might appear on valid -and- invalid Ed Starink released, but then these are probably NOT the same tracks in an audible way.

For some of the tracks of “The Broadway Stage Orchestra” we actually -did- have audio samples available and most of the time these were clearly real orchestras. Sometimes there were also electronic instruments in these tracks, which COULD have been performed by Ed Starink. But the scope of this wiki is not to reference every single performance by Ed, we have the official Ed Starink website at Starink World for that. If we would include every single piece of music were Ed did SOME performance in, we would also need to include music by David Bowie, for example.

How did all these tracks and albums end up in the wiki in the first place? Well, when we started out with this database, we found a lot of Star Inc. productions with sequential product numbers but sometimes pretty large sequences were missing. The webmaster of Starink World provided us with a catalogue of all the Star Inc. productions and we (wrongly?) assumed that these were all albums that Ed Starink actually performed on. Then we also added all of the tracks from all the albums to the wiki and ended up with a pretty unrealistic number of covers for just one person to have created in one single life. Yes, even for Ed Starink!

Having said that; in the end our rampage basically just deleted all of the works by this “Broadway Stage Orchestra” and later also “Mike Scepter”. For now the albums themselves will remain in the wiki because of the link with Star Inc. Music but we might change the way they are present in our database somewhere in the future.

One thought on “Deleted hundreds of Track Pages from the database…

  1. I would like to add some additional information to this topic:

    Ed did not only make pure synthesizer covers, but often employed real instruments – played by soloists – which mixed together to appear like an orchestra. For example those brass sounds like in “Back to the Future“ or “Battlestar Galactica“ weren’t possible with synthesizers back in the late 80s.

    Some of the Star Inc. releases weren’t done by Ed Starink. In these cases the sole arranger/producer is stated on the album (for example Edwin Schimscheimer on the “Queen Songbook“). Some albums were co-produced by Ed, which means, that he did either arrangements, played an instrument or was involved in the recording sessions (for example with Alex Bollard or Mike Scepter). In these cases his name is also stated on the album.

    Broadway Stage Orchestra releases contain material of a real orchestra, arranged and conducted by Ed Starink. To be fair: that’s not clearly stated on these albums.

    So, it might depend how to define “Ed’s performances“ on those albums. Including his other involvements to this wiki – speaking of innumerable productions of more or less famous artists such as Simply Red, Frank Boeijen, Dolly Dots, Demis Roussos, Grant & Forsyth, … – would probably go beyond the scope of this wiki.

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