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  1. You are right, I’m sorry. I’ll add that info somewhere on the site soon. VIP members are people who helped building up the original wiki and/or convert all the info to the current one and/or are active admins on any of the related Facebook groups. These are people who are known to already own all or most of the music by Ed Starink so there is no real copyright issues when we offer high quality audio since they already have this audio or possibly even provided it themselves.

  2. Hello Ruben,

    I was wondering if i could contribute in any way on your wiki or facebook acount. Im a huge fan of Ed Starink synthesizer work and thanks to him im playing piano and keyboards. My first album (at the age of 5) was SG volume 3 and now owning almost everything of this collection.

    If you need any help whats so ever, don’t hessitate to ask.

    Kindly regards,

  3. Hi Lothorian,

    Let me start by clearing up that I do NOT own or maintain the Facebook pages related to Ed Starink or Synthesizer Greatest. Those are in the capable hands of Andreas Heinz, who is also the webmaster of the official Ed Starink website at https://www.starink-world.net.

    Having said that, this Wiki is very close to being totally abandoned. But we do, of course, appreciate any help in editing the existing pages for more information.

    Right now I am a little (too) busy to figure out exactly how I can make someone editor (been years since anyone else edited the wiki), but I promise I’ll get back to you on this soon and make the necessary changes to your account to enable editing.

    Please feel free to contact me again if I fail to fulfil my promise and forgot about it.

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